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A luxury car rental with driver or a taxi: what to choose?

When and why is more convenient to choose a car rental with driver instead of a taxi

There are many good reasons to choose to rent a car with a driver in Milan and we tried to make a list here. Now we're going to reason about the substantial factors that could determine the choice of a taxi service or a car rental with driver. We tried to give us and give you some answers.

Short distance vs long distance

A luxury car rental with driver or a taxi: what to choose?

If you think about it, the taxi is mostly an occasional transport service. It is in fact intuitive that, if the necessity is to travel short distances, it’s more convenient to call, ask for a taxi and let the taxi driver get you to the address you gave him.

Different is the situation if you’re intentioned to travel all day long: for example, if you have to organise a Company transfer for a meeting and delegations or roadshow, or a Tour of the city of Milan, or also if you want to dedicate a day to a fulfilling (but demanding!) Shopping Tour or may be to a rich Tour of the Designer Outlets.

In all these cases you’ll need a car at your complete disposal. Or better, it’s better for you to have it!

For these transfers, in fact, it’s more convenient to think about the rental of a car with driver, may be starting the service from your arrival at the airport or at Milan’s train station: you need just to ask for the services Transfer from and to Milan’s main train stations or Airport Transfer, depending on where you’re arriving in Milan.

Taximeter vs rate table

Calling Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver in Milan, you reserve in advance the vehicle you want to rent, you communicate the service you want to benefit from (click here to see all the Vip Limousine Milan Services) and you find out the rate for your transfer.

Differently from the taxi service, the rate doesn’t change if you decide to bring with you one more suitcase or if, during your transfer in a car with driver rent from Vip Limousine Milan, you run into a congestion, closed roads or difficulties that may lengthen the travel time.

Renting a car with driver with Vip Limousine Milan, you can also count on the best punctuality: as the taxi drivers, the luxury rented car drivers have many permissions thanks to which they can drive through fast tracks, historical centres and restricted traffic areas.

With Vip Limousine Milan you have the possibility to previously reserve and decide the type of service you desire to receive, but our operators remain at your complete disposal for any request, also for plan or schedule changes, depending on the events: Fashion events in Milan, Cultural events in Milan, or many other types of events in Milan, as also, of course, personal needs.

Our Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver in Milan Team is prepared to find out the right solution for any last minute request and to guarantee you a service flexibility!

Con Vip Limousine NCC Milano hai la possibilità di prenotare e di decidere precedentemente il tipo di servizio che desideri ricevere, ma i nostri operatori rimangono a tua completa disposizione per qualsiasi richiesta, anche per cambi di programma, o per modifiche sulla tabella di marcia in base agli eventi, che si tratti di eventi di moda a Milano, oppure di eventi culturali a Milano, o comunque di molti altri tipi di eventi a Milano, come pure di necessità personali.

Taxi driver vs luxury car driver

A luxury car rental with driver or a taxi: what to choose?

Think about when you take a taxi to move from the city centre, from a club, from a meeting point to your house and vice versa, from one point to other points of the city, or from home to the train stations or to the airports and vice versa: you have to deal with occasional transport and with a short distance transfer. Every time you have a different driver and as there is not much time, there isn’t the possibility to loyalize the customer.

L'autista di un'auto di lusso ha un'impronta completamente diversa nel ruolo di conducente. Come un taxista, anche l'autista NCC deve ovviamente avere le giuste credenziali per essere un ottimo autista ma, oltre a superare ogni prova, come quelle a cui sottoponiamo gli aspiranti autisti prima di accoglierli nel team di chauffeurs di Vip Limousine NCC Milano, deve possedere anche alcune determinate e importantissime qualità personali.

The luxury car driver has a completely different mark as a driver. As the taxi driver, also the rent car driver must, obviously, have the right credentials to be an excellent driver but, in addition to the positive results in every test to which we make undergo the aspiring drivers before accepting them in our Vip Limousine Milan team of chauffeurs, he has to own also some specific and important personal qualities.

Availability, attention to the Customer, confidentiality and courtesy are just some of the qualities that we believe necessary for a luxury car driver. Think about services as the h24 availability of the drivers, about the Long distance transfer service or about the Transfer to the ski areas: it’s because the time travel is bigger that it’s necessary that the passenger feels comfortable not only due to the luxury car comfort, but also thanks to a pleasant and professional company.

Entrusting in a Car Rental with Driver service means enjoying your transfers in a comfortable way and letting you drive by the experience of willing and reserved drivers. If you don’t believe it, you have just to try the Vip Limousine Milan Car rental with driver service!

Do you need more information? Contact us! Our Call Center with appointed and qualified personnel is always at your disposal, operating 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!


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