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Roadshows and business services

Two Mercedes during a roadshow

Logistic support for roadshow

Unicredit palace, Square Gae AulentiVip Limousine organises and manages transport and appointments at roadshows, aiming to optimize the time and making it a supporter rather than an obstacle. Every minute is important to strike a deal: Vip Limousine's service ensure its Customers the most reliable logistic support to manage at highest level professional commitments.

Vip Limousine's Call Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help Customers organizing as best as possible the entire route of the roadshow, recommending the most appropriate routes to reach in time a meeting after another.

In case of continuous business collaborations Vip Limousine will apply special discounted rates, as our loyal Customers already know. Being a chauffeured car rental with all the required licenses, Vip Limousine applies 10% VAT instead of 22% as brokerage houses do.

Luxury cars for roadshow

Mobile phone in the car, useful for roadshow

Vip Limousine offers the best fleet of chauffeured luxury car rental on the market, owning several new luxury car models such as Mercedes E Class, Mercedes S class, Mercedes Viano minivan, luxury minibuses from 8 to 16 seats. Our drivers too are very well-dressed.

Vip Limousine is always ready to meet the demands of Consumers, both in case of large groups or individual clients.

Experienced drivers

Each Customer can count on experienced drivers for his roadshow, in such way he will be sure to reach in time one location after another, even in case of heavy traffic drivers could choose different routes: punctuality is the flagship of Vip Limousine drivers.

Attention to details

Free wi-fi on board (logo)Vip Limousine is able to satisfy the most varied requests: supply the car with food and beverages for a light meal between one meeting and another, newspapers and magazines, printing of presentations reagarding the roadshow, eventually sent at our offices in advance.

On luxury sedans is also available the free wi-fi service on request.

Always ready with alternative plans

Throughout the duration of a roadshow, drivers and couriers keep constantly in touch with the Call Center. Our Call Center acts as operational support and coordination center to mantain a high level of efficiency and to promptly adapt in case of unexpected changes in the program, meeting schedules or simply in the case the Customer needs more informations or suggestions concernig the city.

For further informations about our services it is possible to visit our page with all services. It is also possible to get more details and quotations contacting Vip Limousine through the contact page.