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A luxury wedding with your car with driver

A luxury wedding with your car with driver

A luxury wedding with your car with driver... And they lived happily ever after with Vip Limousine

A luxury wedding is something that every bride dreams. Everything has to be simply perfect: bridal gown, make-up, flowers, location, food and, of course, the car.

Everyone hopes that wedding is once in a lifetime and everything has to be planned carefully. The bride has to obtain everything she wishes: why does she have to accept a simple and anonymous car?

That day is her day and nothing but perfection is allowed.

Vip Limousine is your ideal partner for the most special day in your life

A luxury wedding with your car with driver

If you already planned to celebrate your luxury wedding in a church far away from your home, you have also to decide how reach the church. Taxi is not elegant enough for your special day and, in the same way, your dad’s car is not always the best solution: if it is not confortable and large enough you will take a huge risk, spending terrible moments!

During your perfect wedding, you must be a princess: perfection, elegance and luxury are the only admitted things.

Try to imagine. You are with your wonderful bridal gown inside a dreamy car. As soon as you arrive in front of the church, an elegant chauffeur opens you the door with a kind gesture and your guests are looking at you full of envy.

If this is your dream as well, you have to choose the professionalism of Vip Limousine Milan.

We offer you the best vehicles present on the market and we are sure you will find out the best solution matching your needs.

Limousines are not reserved for Hollywood actors or movies, but they are perfect for a stylish and luxury wedding: your wedding! For this reason we have the luxurious and original American Stretch Limousine, the Lincoln Town Limousine: the perfect solution to accommodate up to 8 people.

Customised services for your wedding

Vip Limousine knows the importance of a customised wedding: brides are different and so it is for their weddings. For this reason, Vip Limousine guarantees you extra services for your perfect day.

A wedding car without flower is incomplete. A trusted florist is always available to study with you the most appropriate posy and flowers for the wedding date: his purpose is to make the car even more beautiful following your suggestions and ideas. If you already have a trusted florist, we will manage the flowers that will be delivered.

In our offices, customers can view our luxury cars with driver and decide which one is the most suitable solution.

Vip Limousine offers you all-inclusive rates for wedding service, allowing you to focus your attention on something else: we will take care of everything!

A luxury wedding with your car with driver

Luxury car with driver for every special occasion

Vip Limousine is the best partner for your special and private events, not only for your wedding. Our professional chauffeurs are always available, 24 hours a day.

Our experience with transfers with driver is always at your disposal: our mission is to provide you the best service ever, no matter what the event or the occasion is. You will always receive a perfect service.

Contact us to receive further information about our services and our luxury cars. Vip Limousine Call Center is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

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