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A tour with Vip Limousine in the best ice cream parlours in Milan

A tour with Vip Limousine in the best ice cream parlours in Milan

Join your luxury car with driver and get to the best ice cream parlours!

In the Italian capital of food and wine you can easily find a nice handmade ice cream! The choice is so wide that it can be hard to establish which are the best artisanal ice cream parlours in Milan: everyone has its own flavours, and every neighbourhood has its own ice cream parlour.

People are different: someone prefers those ice cream parlours frequented by international clients, other are in love with little shops known and appreciated by local population.

Differences are also related to ice cream flavours: someone is always ready to taste and experience extravagant flavours, but there is also someone else who continues to prefer the more traditional flavours.

There are also persons who choose a healthy and light ice cream, milk free, in a perfect vegan style.

Even this year, Gambero Rosso Magazine made a list of the best ice cream parlours in Italy, and it points out a huge research of flavours strictly connected with tradition made with first hand ingredients, but also to a renewed appreciation for recipes that can be brought back as icy flavours.

Despite flavours and personal preferences, what else can create a general agreement more than an ice cream? During your tour of Milan, your shopping time and during your outlet visit, the ice cream is a break time you can not miss!

Among so many handmade ice cream parlours, you can choose between historical shops and brand new shops already famous in the city: in any case you will taste unique ice creams made with high quality ingredients. If the choice is so huge and complex, how can you choose which one you have to visit with your car with driver?

We propose you a short list of the best ice cream parlours in the city!

Gelateria Paganelli

Via Adda, 3

A tour with Vip Limousine in the best ice cream parlours in Milan: Gelateria PaganelliFounded in the 1930, Gelateria Paganelli is one of the best ice cream parlours in Milan. They were able to reach such a result thanks to their technique, their creativity and their attention during the selection of the best ingredients. Creativity is the main keyword for this shop: brand new flavours, unusual sorbets made with the wine of the day or with some fresh fruits. Everything depends to the availability of the ingredients and, of course, to the fantasy of the owners!

The speciality of the house is the flavour known as Principe: it is composed by Venezuela chocolate flavoured with coffee, star anise, cardamom and the addition of pistachio with pepper and mascarpone with caramelised figs. Paganelli Ice Cream Parlour is located beside the Central Train Station in Milan: thanks to our transfer service for and to the train station we can pick you up there, as soon as you will arrive in the city. We also offer you a transfer service for and to the airport.

Ciacco. Simply ice cream, nothing else to add

Via Spadari, 23

>If you want to taste incredible creams, such as almond, pine nut, coffee, cheesecake, nut, zabaglione with Marsala Riserva Cantina Pellegrino and bergamot, you have to go to Ciacco Ice Cream Parlour. Stefano Guizzetti is an alimentary technician who created years ago this famous shop. In Ciacco the list of ingredients is very short: the recipes are simple and made with natural ingredients. Nothing artificial is present or allowed in Ciacco ice creams, such as chemical additives, conservatives or artificial flavours of any sort.

Here you can find an artisanal and very clear philosophy: ice creams made by Ciacco are simple and nothing else is added. Ciacco is also the perfect place for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant: ice creams milk free, blood orange or strawberry granite and sorbets.

Ciacco also won Gambero Rosso award as best culinary ice cream in the 2019.

Il Massimo del gelato

Via Lodovico Castelvetro, 18

A tour with Vip Limousine in the best ice cream parlours in Milan: il Massimo del gelatoIf you are in love with chocolate and you can not live without the king of artisanal ice creams, you have to visit Il Massimo del Gelato, at least once in your life. Here, you will experience 10 different variants of chocolate: Domori, Jamaica with rum, chocolate, black cherry, coffee and Rosolio, cinnamon and pepper. There is also another flavour, the king of the chocolate: it is known as Oro Puro because it is pure dark chocolate, 100%!

Even if you are a chocolate addicted, we suggest you to try other flavours, such as pistachio and Noto almond, both made with natural ingredients.

Gelateria Marghera

Via Marghera, 33

A tour with Vip Limousine in the best ice cream parlours in Milan: Gelateria MargheraIce cream with cone, wafer or cup, biscuits, truffles, popsicles made with fresh fruits, ice cream cakes and much more in the ice cream parlour in via Marghera. During the last 40 years, the main objective of these ice cream men is to invent every day a new handmade ice cream flavour.

In this shop the ice cream is used in many different way, such as ice cream cakes with cream and fruits and single portion ice cream served in transparent glasses. If you prefer fruit flavours, you will have a wide offer.

The only possible way to remain up to date with their latest invention, it is to go to visit them very often!

Pavè - Gelati & Granite

Via Cesare Battisti, 21

A tour with Vip Limousine in the best ice cream parlours in Milan: Pavè - Gelati & GraniteOne of the best bars in Milan is, without a doubt, bar Pavè. Few years ago, the owners of the bar decided to create also an ice cream parlour and pastry shop, known as Pavè – Gelati & Granite. In order to better manage this new activity and to offer to their clients the best ice cream in Milan, the entrepreneurs decided to invest on a real artisanal ice cream master: Simona Carmagnola.

Thanks to her experience and her ability, Pavè – Gelati & Granite offers tasty flavours such as pistachio, blonde chocolate, lime with salt and almond with marasche. This ice cream parlour also creates other periodical flavours: sbrisolona (a typical cake made in Mantua), bread butter and marmalade, tarte tatin.

During summertime, we invite you to visit Pavè – Gelati & Granite for a fresh granite.

L'Albero dei Gelati

Via Giuseppe Sirtori, 1 - Monza

A tour with Vip Limousine in the best ice cream parlours in Milan: L'Albero dei GelatiMonza is an interesting city near Milan and you can visit it with your car with driver. Do not forget to take a break in a local ice cream parlour: L'Albero dei Gelati. Gambero Rosso Magazine assigned to this ice cream shop the award dedicated to sustainability: commitment to recycling, use of biodegradable packaging and energy from renewables sources.

The most important aspect of this ice cream parlour is represented by its experiments with savoury flavours. Ever week there is a new entry: salmon, sour cream and dill, green beans with mint leaves and apple vinegar, robiola, candied pear with pink pepper or the flavour made with yellow pepper of Caramagnola.

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