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Bolzano: the perfect tour in a luxury car with driver!

Bolzano: the perfect tour in a luxury car with driver!

Bolzano is a cross-cultural city. Visiting it means to discover the peculiarities born of the Exchange between Mediterranean and Central European culture!

Bolzano is the county town of Trentino Alto Adige, the autonomous region of North-Eastern Italy, known also as Südtirol. Bolzano is the most Northern county town of Italy and is located in a wide valley of the Eastern Alps, at the foot of 3 valleys: Valle dell’Isarco, Valle dell’Adige and Valle della Val Sarentino. The wide valley in which extends the city has glacial origins and is crossed by 3 rivers, Adige, Isarco and Talvera.

Our Vip limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver in Milan Team will suggest you the places to visit in order to discover the best of this territory and will organise your tour of Alto Adige in great detail, depending on your needs!

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For many people, Bolzano is just a synonymous with Christmas markets that attract in the county town of Alto Adige, every year during the shopping season, tourists enthusiastic with the most loved feast.

Anyway Bolzano is appropriate to be visited in every season, depending on your needs!

If during winter the Christmas markets, along with the ski slopes and the snow-covered landscapes, seduce the heart of many tourists, during spring, autumn and summer, Bolzano’s visitors can follow the wine routes and taste the white and red wines from Südtirol, or walking in the mountains.

Bolzano is the perfect destination for a weekend of trekking in the mountain, of culture, winter sports, gastronomy and wine.

It’s opulent, rich, but its beauty is gothic: the long streets flanked by colonnades, embellished not much by this or that construction, but by the movement of corners and ledges, creating backdrops and light effects. (Guido Piovene)

Bolzano: the perfect tour in a luxury car with driver!Piazza delle Erbe and Bolzano’s porticos

The Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver in Milan Tour starts from the centre of Bolzano’s city life: the central square “Piazza delle Erbe”, live both day and night, with a great food market where to buy some speck and other specialities from Alto Adige.

In Piazza delle Erbe you can’t miss the 17th century Fontana del Nettuno, which is jokingly called by the inhabitants of Bolzano “Oste con la forchetta” (Innkeeper with the fork).

Piazza delle Erbe is also a good point to start to explore the famous porticos of Bolzano, flanking great part of the historical centre streets and allowing you to do a nice walk also with the rain or with the snow! Hanging around under the porticos is like reading Bolzano’s history.

The spaces under the porticos was used as houses and storage rooms to conserve goods, developing for at least 3 floors underground. The Northern porticos hosted mostly the goods of the Italian markets, while the Southern were dedicated to the German merchants.

Bolzano: the perfect tour in a luxury car with driver!Piazza Walther and Christmas Markets

Not far from Piazza delle Erbe is situated Piazza Walther Von Der Vogelweide, called simply “Piazza Walther” by the inhabitants: the most elegant place of the city.

At the centre you’ll find the statue of the square name’s holder, one of the biggest and most known poets and “Minnesänger” of the Middle Ages, who lived between 1100 and 1200. In Piazza Walther take place many events, such as the famous Mercatini di Natale di Bolzano (Christmas Markets).

The Mercatino di Natale di Bolzano in Alto Adige is the biggest in Italy. It’s quite 2 decades that this market has been attracting, every year, an endless crowd of visitors in the magnificently adorned Piazza Walther.

Bolzano is certainly one of the best holiday destinations for the romantic Christmas period!

Bolzano: the perfect tour in a luxury car with driver!Bolzano Cathedral

In Piazza Walther stands also the Duomo di Bolzano otherwise the Cathedral of Maria Assunta, Dom Maria Himmelfahrt or Bozner Dom in German.

The Cathedral rises on 3 overlapping churches: one early Christian from the 4th century, one from the high medieval period of the 8th century and one Romanic from the 11th century. In 1517 was added the bell tower, 65 metres high, that since 2010, every Saturday and Sunday at 11 o’ clock is ringing different melodies thanks to its 25 bells.

The Duomo di Bolzano is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta and hides precious treasures.

At the external wall you can admire the covering made of red and yellow marble with gothic elements, the gate and the wine door: here, thanks to a special permission, the winemakers were authorised to sell their wine.

Under the tower is also located a fresco from the 15th century realised by students of Giotto’s school. The most precious objects as gold, silver, parchments and relics, are kept in the Museo del Duomo: it’s situated on the foot of the bell tower and shows the prosperity and devotion of the faithful during the centuries.

Bolzano: the perfect tour in a luxury car with driver!Funivia del Colle

After visiting the historical centre of Bolzano, our drivers will bring you to the funicular railway “Funivia del Colle”. You can reach it by car, driven by our drivers if it’s one of our personalised tours of Bolzano, starting from the historical centre.

It is world’s most ancient funicular railway: it was inaugurated in 1908 thanks to the genius of a hotelier from Alto Adige who wanted to bring tourists at his hotel at 1134 metres above sea level.

Since then the funicular railway is a silent, panoramic and characterising way to reach Colle.

Colle can be reached by the funicular railway and is the perfect place for an excursion out of Bolzano: here you can find stands, bars, restaurants and mountain paths with different levels of difficulty, but mostly, an incomparable view of the glaciers and of the Dolomites of this very special area.

In just 7 minutes you can reach the top and here you can admire also a copy of the original funicular railway cars. The landscape is identical to how it presented itself more than 100 years ago: a silent alpine forest and some construction here and there, as the ancient Maso Uhl, that dates back to 1534 and today it was restored, maintaining the original features.

The “masi” are the typical rural houses of Trentino Alto Adige and they include dwellings, stables and spaces for the preparation of cheeses. Today, the “maso” hosts a library and laboratories for the schools.

Bolzano: the perfect tour in a luxury car with driver!Lago di Carezza

Another unmissable stop of our tour, at 25 kilometres from Bolzano, is one of the most beautiful and famous natural lakes of all Trentino: Lago di Carezza.

Surrounded by white and red fir trees, from which today are obtained precious violins, this lake takes its name from the Caricaceae plants around it. It has also another name: the rainbow lake.

The story goes that the lake was inhabited by a beautiful fairy of the forest, Ondina. A wizard who fell in love with her built a rainbow on the lake to attract her to himself. The frightened Ondina immersed herself in the water to never came out again and the wizard, furious, broke up the rainbow in thousands little pieces, throwing it in the lake.

Today, Ondina’s statue is at the centre of the lake, sometimes completely or partly submerged.

Bolzano: the perfect tour in a luxury car with driver!Castel Firmiano

Castel Firmiano rises in a strategic and panoramic position: situated on a big rock, between the mouths of two rivers, it overlooks the valley and Bolzano.

Its name in Alto Adige, Sigmundskron, means “crown of Sigismondo” and comes from Sigismondo the “rich in coins”, count of Tyrol, who bought it in 1473.

Among its historical value, Castel Firmiano is also beloved place for the inhabitants of Alto Adige: right here, in 1957, on the cry of “Los von Trient” more than 30.000 South-Tyrol inhabitants protested to reclaim Trento’s autonomy.

Since 2007 the Torre Bianca of the castle hosts the most important museum among those founded by the mountaineer Reinhold Messner, actual owner of the manor house: a collection of objects from all around the world showing the fascinating connection between man and the mountain.

Bolzano: the perfect tour in a luxury car with driver!The wine cellars of Bolzano

A tour of Bolzano is not complete without visiting a wine cellar to taste the fabulous wines from Alto Adige.

Few areas in Europa can compete with its quantity and quality, both of red and white wines. La presence of the vineyards is something that, visiting Bolzano, can’t be ignored: the city is surrounded by vines: Müller Thurgau, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, White and Black Pinot, Riesling.

It will be easy to find a wine cellar that offers you a glass of wine: only those united in the Consorzio Vini Alto Adige are 150. In the centre of Bolzano you’ll find the Cantina Bolzano, where you can start to taste the red Lagrein and Santa Maddalena.

Cheers! From Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver in Milan!

In the pearl of Trentino with Vip Limousine Milan!

Vip Limousine is a Luxury car rental with driver in Milan company that plans and organises any kind of itineraries on board of our luxury vehicles with driver and luxury minibuses with driver. It offers various tours based on clients’ desires and on its own experience over the past 40 years: the best places to visit, the best restaurant where to eat and the best hotels where to stay.

Each side of your luxury tour with driver will be planned in detail by Vip Limousine’s offices located in the centre of Milan and operating every day, on a 24-hour basis, in order to make unforgettable your short or long holiday.

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