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“Così Fa” by Antonino Esposito: the new pizza has arrived in Milan

Così Fa Antonino Esposito: la nuova pizza arrivata a Milano

Vip Limousine takes you for the famous “Frusta Sorrentina” made by Antonino Esposito in his pizzeria-restaurant “Così Fa”!

Così Fa Antonino Esposito: la nuova pizza arrivata a MilanoHe is the inventor of the “Frusta Sorrentina”, a special oblong pizza born in 1996, now a renowned trademark all over the world: he is the chef Antonino Esposito and he has recently arrived in Milan.

If during your tour of Milan in a luxury car with driver you are searching for very high-quality products of the italian culinary tradition, you must try the Così Fa restaurant in via Solferino.

Antonino Esposito was born in Sorrento and he placed second in the Pizza World Championship in 2008. He is the owner of several restaurants in Sorrento, Castellamare di Stabia and Florence.

He has arrived in Milan now! Being famous as a television host of the programme “Piacere Pizza” on “Alice TV” channel, as well as of the talent show “Alice Master Pizza”, which he himself created, he also writes for trade magazines and makes videos, DVDs and books dedicated to the pizza's world. Having designed a food product which reflects both the italian culinary tradition and the search for innovation, going over the classic “gourmet pizza”, he currently works as an advisor and a trainer.

Antonino Esposito has always kneaded the dough in the search for the goodness of a traditional pizza but also exploring the variety of shapes it could be presented: in his restaurant you can have a pizza shaped like a whip as well as other shapes, such as a bouquet, a roll, a small square, a bundle, a boat, a donut etc. whether it be fried, baked or even sweet.

Each single shape not only reflects a searching for a unique appearance, but it is also conceived to exalt the flavour of the ingredients of the filling, each of them coming from Sorrento.

Therefore, thanks to his creativity, passion and experience, Antonino Esposito has been able to innovate the world of pizza like few others: the “Frusta Sorrentina”, born by chance from the leftovers of a dough which was closed on both sides, pinched in the centre and filled with little tomatoes and mozzarella, it has then originated all the other variations of pizza.

Variations of pizza, as shown in the restaurant menu: a particular poetics of pizza, a new way to present a renowned food product. His experience as a pizza chef and his expertise in each and every part of the dough led him to dare and to look for innovative solutions.

Break the rules, altering the shape – because round is not a diktat! Defend the tradition, respecting the basic ingredients – because there are stories we need to keep telling!

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High-quality ingredients and locations with an unbeatable design

cosi fa antonino esposito nuova pizzeria milano 02Along with the variations on the shape, the chef focuses on a pretty obsessive attention to the raw materials selection, starting with the flour: he always chooses the best italian husked wheat with low protein content, coming from organic agriculture, even for the gluten-free variant. Besides, he makes the dough according to tradition, using old dough, refreshing it everyday e letting it rest for 48 hours at least.

Some of the best food products from Campania use top quality ingrdients like PGI lemons, walnuts from Sorrento, “Fior di Latte” mozzarella from Lattari Mountains, the fine “Provolone del Monaco” PDO cheese, the anchovies from Cetara, the tasty “Colatura” (anchovy oil), the cherry tomatoes from Vesuvio, the PDO buffalo mozzarella from Campania and the extra virgin olive oil.

Not to mention the rich selection of wines and the american bar dedicated to mixology, where you can find standard cocktails or reinterpreted cocktails made with ingredients from Sorrento.

After a day dedicated to shopping in Milan, to a tour with a tour guide or to an appointment on the occasion of a roadshow, there is nothing better than going, in a car with driver, to a restaurant where you could enjoy a delicious pizza in a homely but elegant atmosphere.

Indeed, the restaurant hosts only 15 tables for 35 guests: a homely context where they take care of every guest.

You can find tradition and innovation in every detail: white walls and coloured dishes with red and blue patterns, decorated with peppers and tomatoes, together with little tables in painted ceramic. The restaurant is designed in every detail by an artist from Sorrento: Rosalinda Acampora, whose bright colours are recognisable in the best restaurants of Sorrento and Capri.

The design of pizza together with the auteur ceramics in the location of Così Fa have recently been the protagonist of the Brera Design District festival; Antonino Esposito has also been one of the illustrious names in TuttoFood, an exhibition which took place from 6th to 9th of May in Milan Rho-Fiera.

Pizza, innovation, search for ingredients, elegant atmosphere, everything mixed with friendliness and the participation of the chef and his whole staff, because eating pizza for Antonino Esposito is far more than sitting at a table!

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