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Destination Wedding: wedding in Italy in a luxury car with driver!

Destination Wedding: wedding in Italy in a luxury car with driver

Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver Milan brings you in the best location for your wedding in Italy!

The destination wedding is almost a trend for the wedding tourism in Italy! It goes beyond the simple concept of wedding: it’s a holiday, a honey moon, an occasion to immerse yourself in a new culture and to make your guests visit a new place. Among the most popular destinations, Italy is one of the first to be chosen, both by Italians opting for the local destinations for their most special day, and by all those who don’t live in Italy, but love it for many reasons.

Art, culture, good food and many different urban and natural views bring many Italian and foreigner couples to choose Italy for their dream wedding: think about Lake Como’s refinement, Tuscany’s countryside, Puglia’s beaches and islands’ sea, not forgetting the art cities.

Beyond the right frame, for your destination wedding you need also sector experts that can assist you in the preparation of this special day!

For the transfers during your wedding in Italy, it’s necessary to choose the most appropriate luxury car with driver! Our Vip Limousine Milan team created a specific and professional Wedding service: if you want we can take care also of the car decoration!

There are really many locations that can be reached on board of a car with driver for your destination wedding in Italy: here we’ll illustrate you some of them.

Luxury Hotel

Destination Wedding: wedding in hotel in Italy in a luxury car with driver!

Relais immersed in the nature, 5 Star Hotels on Lake Como, luxury locations on the coastline or in the mountains: Italy offers every type of views and panoramas!
Think about taking in exclusive for you and for your guests the hotel or the luxury farmhouse for some nights: a real anticipated honey moon with Spa, swimming pools and activities discovering Italian’s territory.

At Lake Como, or in any other location you choose, our Vip Limousine Milan team will bring you there with our Airport transfer or Transfer from and to Milan’s main train stations service!

Together with the hotel, you’ll have at your disposal all the staff, included Vip Limousine’s, if you ask for the H24 drivers service!

The hotels for destination wedding offer the possibility to take advantage of many areas where to set the various moment of the wedding: gardens, panoramic terraces, palaces, beaches, lemon houses, elegant halls.


Destination Wedding: wedding in museum in Italy in a luxury car with driver!

Being in the Country of art par excellence, which more suitable location than a museum to choose? Let yourself be impressed by the halls, the high decorated ceilings, the walls covered with ancient paintings or the long corridors with ancient statues.

Many couples decide to get married in the halls of a museum in order to make their experience really unforgettable! In line with this location, the important thing is to choose the right set-up and the right car with driver that will bring you towards your dream day!

There are also real en plain air museums that can become the perfect location for your wedding. Gardens adorned with statues and fountains, or historic amphitheatre and ancient parks, perfect for ceremonies and receptions.


Destination Wedding: wedding in villa in Italy in a luxury car with driver!

Our Bel Paese is rich of villas from every age and for every taste. High artistic value locations, which great esteem decorations hold the stories of the noble owners.

Get married in one of the wonderful villas in Brianza in a car with driver: let us accompany you in the comfort and luxury of the Mercedes Class E 220 Premium, of the beloved Mercedes Class S 560 SEL 4 Matic, or of the Lincoln Town Limousine.

Sea, lake or countryside, get married in an Italian villa means to have at your disposal a lot of space: panoramic terraces and courts to be managed and set up as you see fit.

Imagine to walk down sumptuous staircases, or to follow a tree-lined path that goes through gardens coloured with flowers and fountains, or to pass through majestic doors in breathtaking rooms. Can you imagine it?

Ancient villages

Destination Wedding: wedding in ancient village in Italy in a luxury car with driver!

Perched small towns and villages with imposing towers, uninhabited places lost in time that can regain strength thanks to their celebration!

wedding in an ancient Italian village gets transformed in a real luxury holiday!

You can choose a little square for the welcome dinner rustic-chic, make the elegant wedding reception in the main villa, while the brunch to welcome your guests arrived on board of the Vip Limousine Milan Luxury bus could take place in the garden with swimming pool or in a panoramic view hall.

If the village is inhabited, you can take advantage of the city hall, the Cathedral or the main church, the panoramas and the historical centre for the photograph session and the agritourism in the countryside or the terrace looking over the sea for the reception.

The style of a wedding hosted in an Italian village depends on the palette and on the outfitting chosen: you can opt for a romantic tone or for a more country one, never leaving the elegance that this solemn moment requires.


Destination Wedding: wedding in castle in Italy in a luxury car with driver

Dream place par excellence, romantic and majestic, an Italian castle has to be set up properly, with the most appropriate lights and colours. If you choose a fortress with rooms, or the castle of a village, you’ll live an inimitable experience in an out of time place!

Imagine the sunset, the pictures among the peaks with wonderful panoramas on the background, the dinner under crystal chandeliers in a spacious frescoed hall, a beautiful dress with a wide skirt, the comfortable transfers in a luxury car with driver!

Every place in the castle can be used for the different moments of the wedding: the palace could be used for the dinner or the party, the garden for the civil or symbolic ceremony, or, if the castle has a little church, you can celebrate also the Catholic rite.

And what about the themed entertainment: no other location as the castle is likewise perfect for twirler, minstrels, portraitists and jugglers.

There are several proposals, what are you waiting for to organise your destination wedding in Italy?

Tell our Vip Limousine Milan team your destination and let yourself be accompanied to live your special day in a marvellous wedding luxury car with driver!

Remember that you can contact our call centre with appointed staff at any moment: it’s operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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