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Milan St. Moritz in a car with driver

St. Moritz: between luxury and ski slopes

Milan - St. Moritz: Vip Limousine Luxury car with driver Milan brings you to discover the stylish St. Moritz! Luxury boutiques, gourmet restaurants, ski slopes and relax.

Vip Limousine Milan is your ideal partner for the transfer service to St. Moritz: have you ever wished to spend a romantic weekend in St. Moritz with your sweetheart? Have you ever dreamed to go to one of the most exclusive Swiss holiday resort with your friends?

The stylish St. Moritz is located two hours away from Milan and it is famous to be considered like a “Montecarlo between the Alps”. Located in the mountain area of Alta Engadina, this Swiss ski resort is one of the most appreciated in the world.

Thanks to our luxurious 4Matic vehicles equipped with snow tires, transfer to St. Moritz will be easier than usual and your holiday will start even before arriving.

Let yourself pamper by comfort Vip Limousine vehicles, our professional chauffeurs and the services at your disposal. In order to ensure you the best comfort ever, we will let you decide which luxury car with driver is best suited to your needs.

Long-range transfers will not be a problem anymore thanks to Vip Limousine Milan.

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St. Moritz Lake

In wintertime, there is an incredible experience you can not refuse: the walk on the iced lake. During this season, a thick layer of ice covers the lake, creating a perfect condition for long walks.

If you are lucky enough to leave Milan for St. Moritz in February, you will be able to attend horses races that take place on the iced lake. These are historical races that, if the layer of ice is thick enough, have been held every year since 1903: a tradition that the inhabitants of the city carry out with carefulness and pride.

Even if St. Moritz Lake is the smaller of the lakes present in Alta Engadina, its surface is equal to 0.78 km², offers an incomparable spectacle. Try to imagine this expanse of snow and ice, white and pure, completely safe for younger and elder: a unique experience you have to try at least once in a lifetime.

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Red Train of Bernina

In these last years, Bernina Express achieved a huge success among public and travelers. More and more people are interested in this red train, both in summer and in winter, and they wish to reach one of the numerous train stops of this historical train: one of them is located in St. Moritz.

Vip Limousine drivers, available 24 hours a day, will bring you at the departure railway station of the Red Train of Bernina located in Tirano, the most important economic centre in Valtellina.

Your journey starts in Milan, you will travel close to limpid mountain lakes and steep slopes, reaching over 2.000 meters and then, finally, you will arrive in St. Moritz, Bernina Express final destination.

Your car with driver will be waiting for you, ready to bring you at the hotel or in one of the numerous restaurant of the city to taste local dishes.

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Luxury and glamorous between the Alps

When you book a holiday or few days off, you always aim for the maximum, for comfort and amenity. In the case of St. Moritz you aim for the glamorous as well.

In this city there are not only shops of local handicraft, but also boutiques e ateliers where you will be able to find the most famous and appreciated fashion brand in the world.

If you want to accomplish your irresistible shopping will, St. Moritz is the best place for you: comfortable and sporty clothing, but also elegant dresses perfect for a romantic evening.

St. Moritz, Montecarlo of the Alps, is even more wonderful in the evening. You can begin your evening with a drink in one of the numerous lounge bars and then continue with a gourmet dinner.

If you are in love with gambling, you have to visit the local Casino and, after you have tried your luck, you will enjoy a sophisticated cocktail at the Ivory Ball Lounge Bar.

When you will decide to return at the hotel, you will not be oblige to walk, but your car with driver in St. Moritz will be ready to pick you up and bring you everywhere you desire.

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St. Moritz and its long tradition of winter sports

Those who decide to join St. Moritz they do not only for nightlife or for luxury that characterized the city since years, but the main reason to go to St. Moritz is represented by the huge range of practicable winter sports.

The major discipline is still represented by ski, a sport that every year attracts ski addicted from the entire world. In St. Moritz you can find some of the most wonderful (and difficult!) race ski slopes, such as Corviglia and Suvretta.

It is not a case if St. Moritz, during its long history, has hosted Alpine Skiing World Championship for four times and several competitions of the World Cup and European Cup.

The wide range of practicable sports in this holiday resort allowed St. Moritz to host the Winter Olympic Games twice. We go from ice hockey to figure skating, from bob to sled, from skeleton to Nordic skiing and curling.

Any sport you want to practice, it will not a problem to carry the necessary equipment. Vip Limousine vans are equipped with a spacious trunk in which you can easily allocate your lagguages, sporty equipment and shopping bags.

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The luxury is in your hand with Vip Limousine

In Vip Limousine Milan we believe that a holiday has to start with a comfortable, cosy and relaxing travel, with no worries due to the journey and the traffic jam.

This belief pushes us to put at the disposal of our clients the best car with driver in Milan, always granting comfort and elegance.

Our vehicles with driver in Milan are the easiest and the most comfortable solution for your transfer, it does not matter if they are a short or long range transfer.

We ensure you several services, such as Railway Station Transfer and Airport Transfer.

For further information contact Vip Limousine Milan Call Centre, available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

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