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Not the same old tour of Milan in a luxury car with driver

Tour of Milan in luxury cars with driver

Milan has many faces, discover them all with Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with driver Milan!

Milan is the Cathedral, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, La Scala and the Sforza Castle.

And what after visiting Piazza Duomo and its beauties, collecting pictures of these places? Why not to think about a different than usual tour of Milan, personalised according to your passions? In addition to its hidden and uncommon places, Milan has many faces to show and many stories to tell regarding the past and the future: why not trying to listen them all?
Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver Milan knows perfectly all these faces and is ready to propose you the most suitable Tour of Milan for you, everything in the comfort of a luxury car and with the pleasure of a professional driver who knows how to make you feel at your ease!

We’ll never get tired to repeat it: coming to pick you up in a car with driver at the Milan airoport or at the train station, is a pleasure for our Vip Limousine team! Don’t loose even a minute, start your personalised tour in a car with driver as soon as you get off the train or the plane!

Milan is the absolute symbol of elegance, of the continuous growing metropolis, leading city of fashion and design: think about visiting it in the comfort of a car with driver, 24 hours a day at your disposal!

Contemporary Milan: among the Porta Nuova and CityLife skyscrapers

Porta Nuova is the widest urban and architectural regeneration intervention in Europe in the recent years. It will bring you to discover the most contemporary Milan, immersed between the highest and most luxurious skyscrapers. The city skyline changed its face thanks to this operation consisting in the construction of new residential buildings, prestigious business centres, green areas, cycle paths and pedestrianised areas.

Gae Aulenti Square is famous for its artistic installations, water tanks, lights and skyscrapers. 23 golden “trumpets” by the artist Alberto Garutti connect the underground floors to the surface and allow you to hear the sounds of the subsoil, while a curvilinear bench-sculpture of 105 metres runs around the 3 circular fountains.

All these is enriched by a bright soul, the Solar Tree, the technologic tree illuminating the square thanks to the sunlight, designed by Ross Lovegrove and donated by Artemide to the city of Milan.

Going towards the Isola area, a new nerve centre of the city with offices, residences, libraries, museums, ateliers, bookshops and didactic spaces, you’ll reach the Bosco Verticale (vertical wood), a luxurious residential complex designed by Stefano Boeri and characterised by more than1.000 plants growing on the balconies.

You must visit also the CityLife, with its wide park, luxurious residences, shopping district and the Tre Torri (3 Towers): Torre Isozaki, Torre Hadid and Torre Libeskind.

Milan fashion & design

After the Shopping Tour, a real attraction for the city of Milan, together with the Shopping Tour of the most famous Outlets, you have to visit the fashion districts, which became famous thanks to the popular FuoriSalone, Design Week and Milano Fashion Week.

Tortona is the former industrial area, today a centre of innovation and experimentation for the fashion and design world. Very interesting to be visited is the Armani exposition space – the Armani Silos, with items from collections, original ones and artist’s sketches, the MUDEC – the museum of the cultures, the Design Library and than showrooms, design hotels, art laboratories, architectural and design offices.

In the Corso Como District, situated in Porta Nuova, you can’t miss 10 corso Como, where fashion, art, design and cooking meet in a winning formula: the court and the terrace between the roofs complete the space of the most famous concept store in the world, so that you can count other stores in New York, Beijing, Seoul and Shanghai.

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History Milan: in the heart of the city with the Monumental Cemetery

Don’t miss the Monumental Cemetery designed by Carlo Maciachini, who incorporated different stylistic suggestions according to the eclectic taste of the end of the 19th century, associating Lombard and Pisan Gothic and Romantic forms and even with byzantine inserts.

Inaugurated in 1866, it’s born as a cemetery open to all the Milaneses, "to all the forms and all the fortunes". During the years it became a real monument, symbol of the Milanese trait, place of civic memories, it houses the graves of many famous people as Alessandro Manzoni, Bruno Munari, Alda Merini and Giorgio Gaber.

Visiting the Monumental Cemetery with its architectures and sculptures, you retrace city’s events and its artistic history, from the realism to the 19th century Eclecticism, to the liberty and to the symbolism of the beginning of the 20th century, until the modern era. A real open-air museum not to be missed.

Tour of Milan in luxury cars with driver

Leave in a luxury car with driver!

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