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Skyway: high altitude emotions with Vip Limousine Milan!

Skyway: high altitude emotions with Vip Limousine Milan!

The Skyway funicular railway, at 3.500 metres above sea level and among tasting, trekking and entertainment: a unique view in Val d'Aosta discovering Mont Blanc!

The Skyway funicular railway is an Italian technological work, offering an unforgettable experience among the most beautiful mountains of Val d'Aosta.

Already defined the eighth wonder of the world, it’s the exclusive access gate to the top of the Roof of Europe that, from Courmayeur, reaches Punta Helbronner, the nearest point to of Mont Blanc’s peak.

The Skyway funicular railway gives a spectacular trip that, in just 15 minutes on board of a transparent and rotating cabin, allows you to admire an extraordinary panorama of the eternal snow. During the ascent of “Europe’s Giant” you can admire the surrounding mountain tops as Cervino, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso.

The starting point is Courmayeur, from the new station Pontal d'Entrèves at 1.300 metres. It’s right here that Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver Milan will take you!

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A terrace near to the sky

In Valle d'Aosta, in Punta Helbronner you’ll feel really high at 3.466 metres above sea level. Some clouds pass underneath the terrace to remember you that you’re in heaven, immersed in a magic place surrounded by very high peaks, eternal glaciers and imposing mountains.

To reach it, you have to get on board of the panoramic cabins of the Funivia Skyway Monte Bianco.

This top of the Mont Blanc range will certainly be the icing on the cake of a weekend dedicated to the mountain lovers that, in the vicinity of Courmayeur, will find an uncontaminated nature and excellent trekking paths starting from Pavillon du Mont Fréty.

We can’t forget a lively and varied cultural offer of the museums hosted inside the Forte di Bard and eventually also the possibility to relax at the Terme di Pré Saint Didier.

Skyway Monte Bianco: here it’s possible to touch the sky

Skyway: high altitude emotions with Vip Limousine Milan!

The futuristic Funivia Skyway Monte Bianco, inaugurated in 2015, gets up in just 15 minutes at more than 3.466 metres of altitude.

A journey to Paradise inside a rotating panoramic glass cabin, to touch the sky and try the sensation to get up with a speed of 9 metres per second.

The ascent starts from the worldly Courmayeur (1.300 m), brings to the halfway station Pavillon du Mont Fréty (2.200 m) and then arrives at Punta Helbronner’s ice and snow (3.462 m).

The view changes with the altitude: from the trees and fields colouring the landscape mostly of green, to the brown rocks and the white snow. The view that you’ll enjoy from Europe’s Giant will certainly take your breath.

Skyway Monte Bianco works hard to clean Mont Blanc’s glacier, demonstrating sensitivity and attention for environment’s preserving and protection and confirming the purpose to realise a sustainable tourism.

Pavillon du Mont Fréty

Before reaching the most exciting panoramic terrace of the Alps, you have to make a stop at the halfway station Pavillon du Mont Fréty, situated in a Nature reserve, where to test your senses at the Cave du Mont Blanc: here is produced the wine that gets old in the sky.

You will reawaken not only your sense of smell and your taste with the perfume of this wine with its exciting history and taste, but also your sight will be satisfied with the panorama from the two dining rooms of the Restaurant Bellevue and from the spectacular conference room situated at high altitude.

For the trekking lovers, from Pavillon du Mont Fréty are starting many paths, with variable journey time from 1h 30min to 2h. You’ll certainly see wild animals that inhabit the Mont Blanc range, as Alpine ibexes, chamoises, marmots, eagles and ermines.

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Punta Helbronner

The last stop of Skyway Monte Bianco is the Paradise: Punta Helbronner. Here you can find the big 360-degrees panoramic terrace, touching the sky.

In front of this magnetic panorama you can’t remain indifferent: the power of nature leaves you speechless. The skyline appearing through the clouds is incredible: Mont Blanc, Dente del Gigante, Aiguille Noire, Aiguille Blanche, Aiguille du Midi, Grandes Jorasses, Cervino, Gran Paradiso, Grand Combin and Monte Rosa.

The shadows create enormous light effects drawing the landscape: a real paint to be admired. Thanks to the multimedia information points you can make an emotional virtual journey on the main surrounding mountains, also in case of bad weather.

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Skyway Monte Bianco: useful information

For those who want to combine Skyway Monte Bianco’s magic with wellness, they can buy the package “Benessere in quota” valid for two consecutive days, since the purchase of the tickets and includes the ascent to Punta Helbronner with the funicular railway and the entrance for a day at the Terme di Pré Saint Didier. The package can be bought at the Courmayeur station or at the Terme di Pré Saint Didier.

Among the other agreements: visit of the Forte di Bard, symbol fortress of the region, a hot air baloon ride, entrance at the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso and at the Parco di Cogne.

Moreover, thanks to Skyway it’s possible to enjoy the agreements to take a close-up look at the fauna of the Alpine area at the Parc Animalier d’Introd.


Live the Mont Blanc experience with Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver Milan!

In order to experience the emotions of this extraordinary journey at the Mont Blanc range, please consult the section with all our car rental with driver from Milan services.

Contact us to visit the eight wonder of the world: Skyway Monte Bianco has conquered even the BEA award (Best Location Awards), in the category Unexpected Location. The contest considered the most interesting spaces and locations in Italy, distinguishing themselves for their peculiarity and for their multi-purpose nature. The award was assigned by a panel of judges, composed by the most qualified companies and agencies organising events.

No doubt! From earth to heaven in a journey within just anyone’s reach, guided by Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver Milan!


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