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Vip Limousine Milan takes you to discover extreme sports

Vip Limousine Milano ti porta a scoprire gli sport estremi

Rafting, kitesurf, canoeing, paragliding, angel's flight: set out for adventure and adrenaline in a car with driver!

Not only mountains, lakes, cultural sites and glamour locations: Lombardy is also a perfect destination for people in search for an adrenaline rush, given all the extreme sports you can practice. There are many activities for nature lovers, people searching for strong emotions and amazing landscapes, out of the crowds of the city.

From the train station of Milan or from the airport, let yourself be guided in a comfortable car with driver and enjoy your holiday based on sports and many funny activities.

In summer season the snow gives way to green spaces in the mountainside, whose fair winds allow you to practice a lot of different sports and open-air activities in search for adrenaline. In summertime such natural oases actually become open-air gyms: rock climbing, canyoning, trekking, cycling/pedestrian routes, paragliding, golf are only some of the activities you can practice.

Whitewater sports from rafting to canoeing

Sport estremi in auto a noleggio con conducente a Milano: raftingRafting is an attractive sport, ploughing the waters aboard the rafts is a pure adrenalinic experience, safe as well, with a guide leading you downhill and constantly providing you theoretical and pratical instructions.

The Brembana Valley is a zone you can explore in tranquillity on a canoe or in an adrenalinic way by rafting. It would be a pity not to accept the invitation of spine-tingling gorges and natural glides to be explored and ploughed. Sail down the river aboard an inflatable craft: teamwork and coordination in rowing are essential in this captivating activity!

If you let yourself be guided in a car with driver, in less than one hour from Milan, leaving behind the metropolis, you would dive into the natural, historical and scenic beauty of Valtellina and River Adda. There you can choose among different rafting tracks with different difficulty levels thanks to the rapids of this river.

Water sports from windsurf to kitesurf and sailing

Sport estremi in auto a noleggio con conducente a Milano: WindsurfThe Lake d’Iseo è is ideal for water sports like windsurf e kitesurf. Its flows make the sailing of this lake really exciting! There are obviously lots of facilities which provide equipment rental and guides for beginners or interested people who for the first time approach this experience.

The Lake Como, on the contrary, is usually characterised by constant wind and slow waves: for this reason it is the ideal destination for your first gliding through the water, whether you choose kitesurf, windsurf or maybe sailing. You can also admire the awesome nature reserves aboard a canoe.

If you want to practice a water sport surrounded by a unique mountainside landscaping you have to reach, in a luxury car with driver, the Lake Maggiore, a basin in the Alps which benefits from constant air flows, what make this experience really adrenalinic.

The  Lake Garda, which has always been the main attraction for windsurfers, has also become an extraordinary destination for kitesurf lovers, thanks to the presence of a constant wind. Its very wide and safe beach, together with restaurants and bars where you can relax after such adrenalinic activities, contribute attracting experts and beginners.

Once you reach and visit Gargano (one of the best historical towns) thanks to the long distance transfer service of Vip Limousine Milan, after enjoying moments of relax and walking in an awesome nature surrounding, set the sails and plough Lake Garda aboard a sailing boat.

Paragliding, Sport estremi in auto a noleggio con conducente a Milano: Paracadutismo and angel's flight

You can admire the panorama from a unique point of view: enjoy the sight of Lombard lakes, mountains and lowlands from above! Fly on board a two seater paraglider! Few steps of running start, then leap into the void, hold your breath and start sailing through the air over amazing landscapes. Besides, at the flying school, you can choose between an intoductory lesson or a full course. Some of these centres are, for example, in Livigno or Sorico in Lake Como.

During the climb you will receive a brief theoretical course about the flight, which will be in tandem; then, you will be harnessed and they will give you the last necessary instructions in order to collaborate with the pilot for the take-off. If the wind is favorable you could drive the paraglider and float over mountains and lowlands. Finally you will be able to relive the moment watching again the videos and photos that will be realised during your flight!

Another experience to be tried is skydiving: there are two specialised schools where you will be taught to float in the air over Cremona, Bergamo or Varese, together with an experienced pilot. And finally, the angel's flight, alone or in pair, on a rope which links two little towns in the Bitto Valley. Of course it is a double flight, with the return at a higher speed than the outward. You just have to open your arms and fully experience the sensation of flying.

Leave in a luxury car with driver!

The Vip Limousine Milan staff is always ready to fulfill all your requests, offering you our services and tailoring the perfect itinerary for your trip or your holiday in a car with driver depending on your necessities.

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