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Visit the snowy Switzerland in a luxury car with driver!

Visit Switzerland

Wide ski slopes, breath-taking panoramas and fresh snow as far as the eye can see. The best winter experiences are in Switzerland with Vip Limousine Milan!

Where to go in Switzerland during the wintertime? Here are the ideal places for athletes, families and for those looking for relax! Switzerland is a region rich of natural attractions and cultural initiatives aimed to amusement and relax, organised all year round, also and mostly during winter.

Switzerland has always been associated to winter in every of its forms. Ski, little sleighs, winter excursions or walks: the Swiss Alps are a real paradise where to experience fairy tale adventures in the snow.

Numbers don’t lie: more than 7.000 km of slopes for ski mountaineering, 5.500 km of slopes for cross country skiing, but also trails for snow shoes and walks, suitable for the needs of a varied public.

Fascinating destination, ideal for athletes and families, and for the relax and wellness lovers. Here are the unmissable destinations to be discovered during winter, in the white Switzerland, where our Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver in Milan team will bring you with the luxury car with driver you prefer!

Vip Limousine has been taking care of short, medium and long-distance transfers for years, offering a full service of luxury car rental and drivers.

Whether you’re coming for work reasons or to spend some relaxing days, discovering particular places, our Vip Limousine Luxury car rental with driver service is precisely operated and dedicated to relax and pleasantness. Vip Limousine, luxury car rental with driver in Milan is more than a simple luxury transfer operator: it supplies all-round exclusive services and dedicates great care to every little detail.

For any further information, requests and quotes do not hesitate to contact our Vip Limousine Call Center operating on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year!

Zermatt and Leysin: unmissable for the sport lovers!

Visit the snowy Switzerland: Zermatt in a luxury car with driver!

Zermatt is a location nestled at the feet of Cervino. The old part of Zermatt shows the ancient houses, while the new one is focused on the commercial luxury that even now makes the city so renowned.

In addition to the ski areas, also the amazing view of Cervino makes special the village: you can admire its majesty and beauty from every perspective and in every season all year round.

Very popular in every season, Zermatt offers activities for each one of your needs: don’t miss the Museo del Cervino and an excursion to Gornergrat, a mountain ridge at more than 3000 metres above sea level, included among the most beautiful tourist destination in the world.

Zermatt is an unmissable place for rock climbers – here ends the Haute Route: 400 km of trails to be explored, that bring to the majestic Mont Blanc.

Visit the snowy Switzerland: Leysin in a luxury car with driver!

Leysin is situated in the Rhone Valley, a suggestive location with a marvellous view on Mont Blanc, in particular on Dents du Midi and Les Diablerets.

It’s perfect above all for ski and snowboard lovers thanks to its 17 ski lifts, equipped in order to satisfy every your need and allow you to spend a pleasant day in the mountain.

Are you a ski or a snowboard lover? Our Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver in Milan team reaches every year the main ski areas preferred by the enthusiasts!

Consult the main ski destinations among our luxury transfers with driver so you can go skiing comfortably and carefree!

Grächen: a perfect destination for all the family!

Visit the snowy Switzerland: Grächen in a luxury car with driver!

The beautiful Swiss location Grächen is certainly the perfect destination for all of your family members. Immersed in the heart of Cervino, it’s characteristic for the realisation of facilities intended for sports and recreation and for the leisure activities for children.

The many typical Valais wooden houses characterising Grächen’s nucleus are very particular because of their being quite completely turned black by the sun.

The Valaisan village Grächen is situated on a wide sunny terrace above the Valle Mattertal. The location, surrounded by majestic mountaintops, is famous for being particularly appropriate for families.

It’s actually marked "Famiglie benvenute" (Families are welcome) and offers wide playgrounds, assistance, entertainment and equipment rental for children.

Here is possible to go to the Sisu Familienpark: an enormous amusement park of 50.000 square metres, where to attend screenings of teen films at the particular "cinema a igloo", and where you can go to eat something at the restaurant "Maci Sisu" created especially for families.

Sörenberg and Schwarzsee: rich of enchanting and breath taking winter panoramas!

The holiday resort Sörenberg is in the Entlebuch’s biosphere, the first Swiss natural reserve, at 1165 metres above sea level.

The extraordinary view on the peat bogs, with its particular animal species and plants, makes this region one of the world’s 400 biosphere reserves. Therefore, it’s a very appreciated place by families and nature lovers.

Sörenberg, situated in the inland of the Valle Lucernese, is a very special place thanks to its breath taking views, declared protected heritage by Unesco. Among these, emerges Entlebuch, a real fairy tale location, where to admire a multitude of animal species and plants, typical of the area.

All year round are organised specific guided tours to explore this paradisiacal natural view.

With its 17 chair and ski lifts and mountain railways, Sörenberg is the biggest ski area for winter sports in the Lucerna canton.

The Rothorn of Brienz, the highest mountain top of the canton, satisfies skiers and snowboarders needs. This ski area has also a ski school, 2 trails for little sleigh and walks with the snow shoes accompanied by a guide.

Visit the snowy Switzerland: in a luxury car with driver!

Schwarzsee on its side, is located in the oriental Fribourg Pre-Alps, and is characterised by a wild and uncontaminated nature. The term "schwarz" means dark, and here is referred to the dark waters of the Lago Nero, which got this tonality because, as the myth tells, once a giant washed his feet inside it.

Actually, the colours of the lake change from turquoise to black, and during winter the frozen waters are traversed by numerous ice skaters who came for the occasion.

An ideal destination also for family holidays, thanks to the many villages scattered around, characterised by old inns and typical farms of the Swiss tradition.

Leukerbad: the perfect destination for a good relax!

Visit the snowy Switzerland: Leukerbad in a luxury car with driver!

Leukerbad is a real dreamful place immersed in the Cantone Vallese, where were realised many spas, ideal for those searching for a relaxing holiday. This location was already known to the ancient Romans and to the Emperor Julius Caesar, who could certify the efficacy and the physical benefits caused by the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters.

Leukerbad Therme is the biggest and most important spa in Europe and offers to its visitors a complete facility with ten wonderful pools.

Leukerbad Therme became a destination for the thermal tourism only in 1851, when a normal road took the place of the only arduous mule track connecting the village with the rest of Switzerland.

The thermal water comes from the region Torrenthorn, where rainwater leaks in the soil at 2.500 metres above sea level and goes down until 500 metres below sea level.

Here, through a process lasting about 40 years, water become saturated with calcium and sulphate and re-emerges in surface under the effect of heat. Leukerbad’s thermal water contains mostly calcium, sulphate, sodium and iron, which presence gives the water the characteristic reddish colour.

Beyond the thermal baths, Leukerbad is a fascinating place also for its unique view, tight between the Passo della Gemmi rock wall and the Torrent wooded area, allowing to practice typical winter sports in the colder season and go on walks and excursions on breath taking trails.

Switzerland is satisfying everyone: unforgettable panoramas, recreational spaces for children, natural thermal baths and very equipped sports facilities.

You have just to choose the location where to stay: our Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver in Milan team will think about the journey and the organisation of your personalised itinerary!

On the Swiss snow on board of Vip Limousine!

Vip Limousine is a Luxury car rental with driver in Milan company that plans and organises any kind of itineraries on board of our luxury vehicles with driver and luxury minibuses with driver. It offers various tours based on clients’ desires and on its own experience over the past 40 years: the best places to visit, the best restaurant where to eat and the best hotels where to stay.

Each side of your luxury tour with driver will be planned in detail by Vip Limousine’s offices located in the centre of Milan and operating every day, on a 24-hour basis, in order to make unforgettable your short or long holiday.

If you want to find some starting points or ideas for your holiday in Milan or elsewhere you desire to be accompanied with our luxury vehicles with driver, we suggest you to have a look at the section with all our Car rental with driver in Milan services.

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