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The perfect suitcase for your mountain trip! Vip Limousine

The right attire for your mountain holiday, for whichever activity you decide to start. The important thing is to get there comfortably by car with driver!

Letting you bring in the mountains on board of a luxury car with driver is a completely different experience compared to getting there in any other way: it’s what our customers tell us after taking the advantage of our Transfer to ski resorts service.

The advantage of a driver at your disposal, is exactly the possibility to choose the activity you prefer in the mountains!

We all know well that the equipment for a mountain holiday requests many suitcases, mostly bulky! Our drivers will bring you at the ski area on board of luxury vehicles with the most appropriate luggage compartment for the transport of all the necessary.

Forget the extra charge or the rules for the transport of ski equipment: with Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver Milan you have to worry only about getting comfortable and enjoying the trip!

The perfect suitcase for your mountain trip! Vip Limousine

If you organised your mountain holiday with a group, ask to rent one of our Luxury minivans with driver, our Luxury vans with driver, or our big Luxury busses with driver: we have all the space for your friends, families and equipment!

We’re specialised in transport services towards the best ski areas, near Milan and in Lombardy, but also in Switzerland and in France, and generally in Europe: therefore, in all the famous places where to spend a mountain holiday as a VIP.

You can reach the Skyway cable car, ski in Val di Fiemme, reach St Moritz and be present at a game of horse polo in the snow, ski in the Swiss Alps, or enjoy a SPA in the Alps: is there something more relaxing?

Before enjoying your holiday, starting from the trip in which you’ll let us comfortably bring you there in a luxury car with driver, you need to think about the suitcase and prepare all the necessary for the mountain!

We’ll help you to make a recap of all the things that you can’t allow yourself to leave at home.

What to put in the suitcase for a mountain holiday

As the snow and ski lovers know well, the first rule in the mountain is to dress in layers with comfortable, practical and lightweight clothes. You absolutely can’t forget any of these items, because these layers meet specific necessities imposed by the mountain climate:

    • The perspiration: the first layer in touch with your skin, or baselayer, has the function to take away the sweat from the skin and to dry off rapidly. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid cotton underwear because it holds the sweat, and to prefer technical and elastic socks that are not getting soaked or curly in the shoe;

    • The thermal insulation: the second layer has the function to keep you warm. It’s a good idea to have a jacket with a special pudding that keeps the heat, and is lightweight and not vey bulky, or also a pile or a fleece, depending on your needs. Between your underwear and your jacket, it’s recommended to wear a light pile that allows you to keep high your body temperature;

    • The impermeability: the last layer has to be waterproof and windproof. Essential are also waterproof and windproof jacket and trousers – preferably lightweight, compressible, not very bulky and slim fit. You have to consider also the warmer days, when it’s enough simply to wear a waterproof and windproof insulated jacket.

If you’re a ski lover, obviously you have to pay attention to choose ski and ski boots that are suitable for your expertise and for the type of slopes you’re going to descend. Don’t underestimate also the choice of the right ski binding. And last but not least, indispensable are the ski helmet, the visor and the ski goggles with lens suitable for any type of climatic condition. 

Woe betide you if you forget gloves, tight-fitting hats, leg warmers, scarves and neck warmers, independently to which activity you’ll dedicate yourself once you arrive in the mountains by a luxury car with driver with Vip Limousine Milan!

If you’re a mountaineering lover, you need anyway to get in your suitcase appropriate technical warm clothes, realised with synthetic materials, waterproof, lightweight, easily foldable and not very bulky. Prefer always a comfortable sportswear that allows ease of movement. For excursions and transfers, don’t forget the back pack with all the necessary: dark sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat and spare clothes.

In conclusion, both for skiing and for all the activities to do in your free time, the suitcase has to contain an attire able to keep you warm and, at the same time, to guarantee you the right comfort and ease of movement.

Leave in your wardrobe the too much tight clothes: choose the comfortable ones, large enough to let you easily move. Even if you want to ski, practice alpinism, trekking, make excursions or simply make snowmen, also the shoes have to be comfortable: for ski, trekking or trainers, but certainly no heels! 

In order to be even more direct and avoid to forget something, here are a couple of outlines!

The perfect suitcase for your mountain trip! Vip Limousine The perfect suitcase for your mountain trip! Vip Limousine

Give a look at all the Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver Milan services and choose the best one for you! Or contact our call centre, with appointed staff, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and tell us your needs! We guarantee wide flexibility in the creation of the perfect itinerary, for whichever need, personal or of your group of snow and winter sports lovers.
If you arrive in Milan or you depart from Milan, by train or airplane, ask for our Transfer from and to the main train stations in Milan service and for our Airport transfer service.
In conclusion, our Vip Limousine Luxury Car Rental with Driver in Milan Team take up the snow chains, you give us your luggage, sit back and enjoy the wonderful snow view slowly coming up!

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